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"Just certify" Submission enough?

Hey, I've submitted my skill to be certified by the Alexa team. However, I've chosen the "Just Certify" option, so I can choose when to publish your skill after it has passed certification. Is this status sufficient for this contest at the end of the Submission Period (November 17, 2020). If everything goes well, the skill will be published before the end of the Additional Certification Period (December 11, 2020).

I didn't think much about it when choosing the "Just certify"-option, but don't want to waste important time by withdrawing and resubmitting my skill.


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  • Manager   •   over 2 years ago

    Hey Titus,

    This is fine for the competition as long as you do publish it by the end (Dec. 11th). No need to withdraw and resubmit for certification.

    Thanks for checking!

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