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Certification status at the end of the submission period

I submitted my skill for certification last Monday, but it was rejected because of some issues, so its status is now “in development” instead of “in certification”. I have already fixed the issues but what happens if I submit it now and it gets rejected again just hours before the end of the submission period? Will I miss the deadline or will I be able to submit it once more before the end of the certification period?


  • Manager   •   over 2 years ago

    Hi Pedro!

    Thanks for taking part and for submitting early. You won't be disqualified if it's not passed certification by Nov. 17th. We have an extra certification period built it to help you all become eligible:

    Certification: All skills must be submitted to the Alexa Skill Store in any of the Alexa locales by November 17th, 2020 5 PM EST and PASS certification by December 11th, 2020 5 PM EST.

    During that time, you can make small fixes that the certification team requires in order to pass but you can't update your Devpost submission form after Nov. 17th @ 5pm EST.

    Does that make sense?


  •   •   over 2 years ago

    Ok, now I get it. Thank you!

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