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2 times the same participant in the 10 finalists ?

Is it normal that the same participant has 2 skills (Poptime & Happy Index) in the 10 finalists ? I understood in rules that it was not possible to win several times, only one skill among several participation being able to win.


  • Manager   •   over 2 years ago

    Hi all,

    The participation prizes and the grand prize + a bonus prize are limited but in different ways. You can win only one participation prize and only if you're not a finalist. A single submission can only win finalist or bonus prize, but different submissions can. The tab covering prizes lays it out:

    • The Grand Prize winner may not win a Bonus Prize.
    • A skill that is NOT the Grand Prize winner may be eligible to win up to one Bonus Prize AND up to one Finalist Prize
    • A Finalist Prize winner may also win a Bonus Prize. A Bonus Prize may be awarded to a Skill that is not a Finalist Prize winner.
    • Each Maker is limited to receiving one Participation Prize, regardless of the number of eligible Skills entered.
    • Only one Participation Prizes will be awarded per eligible Skill, whether submitted as an individual or a team.
    • Participation Prizes will NOT be awarded to any Skill that also won a Bonus Prize, Finalist Prize, or Grand Prize.

  •   •   over 2 years ago

    Ok... that means that this developper will win two finalist prizes (at least)...
    That seems a little unfair, but you do the rules.

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