•   about 2 years ago

Participation Prize

Has anybody received it after filling the form? I know I should be patient, but just in case...

And congratulations to all the winners!


  •   •   about 2 years ago

    I also filled out the form, but I haven't received my participation prize.

  •   •   about 2 years ago

    I sent an email to support@devpost.com and they told me what the official rules say, "it can take up to 45 days to process the prizes", so I guess we shouldn't be worried.

  •   •   about 2 years ago

    Thank you for telling me.
    All right, I'll wait a little longer.

  •   •   about 2 years ago

    I have just received my prize in my Paypal account. Thank you, Devpost!

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